A New Way to Invest in Real Estate [Waitlist OPEN]

4 min readOct 27, 2022

Billionaire Andrew Carnegie [famously said] that 90% of millionaires got their wealth by investing in real estate, but it’s a difficult market to break into.

Billions of people across the world are being priced out of owning property and gaining exposure to this multi-trillion dollar market. Traditional real estate investing favors those with resources; high investment minimums, accreditation requirements, long minimum hold times — making it almost impossible for everyday investors to participate. Even owning a starter home has become less of a reality for most families.

When considering recent market volatility and macroeconomic turbulence, the need is greater than ever for accurate real-time real estate data and a liquid real estate derivatives platform that allows users to gain price exposure to global real estate markets. Parcl delivers both.

Introducing Parcl v2

The Parcl Protocol is a DeFi investment platform that allows users to trade the price movements of real estate markets around the world. Users can discover global real estate markets, gain detailed insights, and have the opportunity to either buy or short real estate markets based on whether they think real world property values will increase or decrease. To provide users with the most accurate and reliable data to trade on, Parcl prices are powered by the Parcl Price Feed, which represents the median price per square foot/meter, aggregated at either the city or neighborhood level, and updated daily.

Parcl bridges an established investment class, real estate, with cutting-edge blockchain technology to provide data-driven solutions for the modern investor.

Parcl was built to revolutionize the way users think about real estate as an investment towards generational-wealth. By giving everyone the tools they need to access one of the worlds most lucrative investment class, Parcl aims to deliver real estate to everyone.

Parcl is focused on providing price exposure or hedging opportunities versus actually taking a physical house and putting it onto the blockchain,” Parcl CEO and co-founder.

Be the first to use Parcl v2

The waitlist for v2 of the Parcl Protocol is officially open!

Parcl Protocol v2 Waitlist

Get Early Access

Invite friends to join the waitlist to move up the list. The more friends you add the higher on the list you’ll go. The top 50 winners will receive an Homeowners Association NFT granting them early access to the Parcl v2 protocol.

Steps to join to waitlist:

  1. Join the waitlist
  2. Enter your email and wallet address to be confirmed for early access at https://www.parcl.co/lp/launch-referral
  3. Invite friends and move up the list
  4. Use your unique URL to invite friends to sign up. The more friends you invite, the further up the list you’ll go.
  5. Check your spot for early access
  6. The top 50 referrers will receive early access to Parcl v2 and an Homeowners Association NFT (Note: current HOA holders will still be granted early access to the protocol)
  7. Follow Parcl’s social media channels
  8. Interact with us
  9. Join our communities
  10. Share the love by referring your friends and family

What will be included in the HOA alpha?

The v2 Alpha of the Parcl Protocol will be available to eligible HOA NFT holders for a limited time. If you want to be part of the crew to get the first look at the v2 Protocol and give product feedback, invite your friends to move higher on the list!

A few features that will be available in v2:

Discover & Learn

  • Explore the world’s most desired cities around the world. Browse markets by price trends, top gainers, or geographical locations. Get compressive detail about each real estate market and use leverage insights to make smarter trades.

Simple Trading

  • Gain long or short exposure to the movement of real estate prices in cities around the world with as little as $1. Invest a little or a lot as you build your global real estate portfolio.

Portfolio Management

  • Track your portfolio performance at a glance with a detailed breakdown of each of your investments.

Advanced Trading

  • Utilize leverage to increase your buying power up to 10x. Take more granular control over your portfolio with Advanced Position Management.

Liquidity Providing

  • Earn fees on trades by creating markets with LP tokens.

Sunsetting v1

The Parcl Protocol had a successful gated v1 alpha which indicated robust demand for the Parcl Protocol trading platform; results & user feedback were very encouraging. At the same time, the alpha process unveiled certain structural inefficiencies with the v1 model — namely peg stability. As a result, Parcl has developed a fast-follow v2 Protocol which has notable improvements in that it provides peg stability, mathematical leverage, native shorting, and enhanced capital efficiency.

In parallel to transitioning from Parcl v1, v2 is slated to launch in Q4 2022 — Parcl Protocol users are highly encouraged to close all trading and vault positions BEFORE the launch of Parcl v2

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