‍Homeowners Association NFT Collection Information

We love NFTs and think they are a great way to engage and reward our earliest community members. We are super excited to introduce the Parcl Homeowners Association (HOA), a collection of 7,777 unique NFTs inspired by four cities where we are launching some of our first Parcl markets — Miami, Phoenix, Los Angeles, & New York.

HOAs get a bad rap — they’re bureaucratic and dull. Not the Parcl HOA. We are building the friendliest, most rewarding Homeowners Association ever to exist. Eligible NFT holders will receive generous benefits on our Synthetic Real Estate protocol, including early access to trading, liquidity pools, staking rewards, and even future airdrops. As a DeFi protocol, we are excited to push the limits on how NFTs can power DeFi protocol activity and reward community engagement.

Below is the TLDR of relevant information (utility, whitelist, minting schedule). We will be launching more details around whitelist and minting in conjunction with our testnet launch next week — stay tuned for further details! Twitter (@parcl)

HOA NFT Utility

Early access to mainnet | When the Parcl Protocol launches, eligible NFT holders will be among the first to have access to the protocol, provide liquidity and earn higher APY rewards

Boosted protocol rewards | Become eligible for boosted rewards by participating early in the protocol and completing activities such as minting, liquidity provision (farming), and trading; you may also be eligible for future airdrops

Discounted Merch | NFT holders will be eligible for discounts on custom Parcl & HOA gear

IRL Events | We are also planning to host real-world events for our users and community members, with HOA NFTs as a VIP access pass — this will include our global launch party

‍Rarity Properties & Distribution

Legendary | 0.1%

Ultra rare | 0.4%

Rare | 2.5%

Uncommon | 15%

Whitelist opportunities

We are launching our Parcl Protocol testnet on March 30th with the goal of collecting and iterating on community feedback. As such, we will be rewarding testnet activity with HOA whitelist slots.

There will be 2,000 whitelist slots available for community members that participate in the testnet; this includes completing a Parcl trade, minting a Parcl, and adding liquidity to a pool. We will also have whitelist slots available for users that provide useful feedback, ideas for new features, and participate in surveys, among other opportunities. We will have a follow-up post on the whitelist process next week.

Minting details

Pre Mint

Pre-Mint for eligible whitelist holders will take place on April 11th, 2022, at 11 am EST.

Price 0.50 SOL

Eligible whitelisted users will be able to mint 1 HOA NFT per transaction at a fixed price of 0.50 SOL — this could end up being super valuable, as you will see below :)

Pre-mint eligible users will have 24hrs to mint. Pre mint will end on April 12th, 2022, at 11 am EST.

Public Mint

Public mint will begin on April 12th, 2022, at 11 am EST.

Starting price: 0.75 SOL

We will be using a dynamic pricing system for our public mint. This is a new, fun minting mechanic where the more mint demand there is, the higher the price goes for each successive mint. If minting demand cools due to high prices, the price drops. With dynamic pricing, even bots have the same playing field. This is consistent with Parcl’s mission — delivering real estate to everyone & leveling the playing field for real estate investors.

How to mint

Step 1: Make sure you have a Phantom Wallet funded with SOL

Step 2: Head over to our mint site and connect your phantom wallet

Step 3: When eligible, mint your HOA token for the mint cost + SOL gas (nearly imperceptible)

Step 4: Check your Phantom Wallet to see your new home!

Mint proceeds ‍

Our community is on a mission to lower the barrier to entry for individuals trying to get started in real estate investing and offer opportunities to folks who have been disadvantaged by the current state of the traditional real estate market.

All proceeds from the HOA mint will be pooled into a charitable fund to show our commitment to this mission. These funds will be distributed to deserving individuals/families to help them with their housing costs.

Originally published at https://www.parcl.co.

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