Top 10 Companies Investing In The Metaverse

7 min readMay 13, 2022

How To Invest In The Metaverse

Immersive Hardware

To immerse yourself in the Metaverse, the virtual world must be compatible with hardware such as VR headsets; these will incorporate your senses of sight and sound. But, there is haptic tech out there that uses other senses, such as touch.

3D Creation Software

Creating the Metaverse to look realistic and 3D will be a huge challenge. Still, software companies are already building developer solutions such as Unity Software and NVIDIA, making it easier for developers to create picturesque and lifelike worlds.

Interactive Platforms

When we talk about interactive platforms, we mean virtual worlds; Decentraland, Sandbox, and eventually Meta’s very own Metaverse are all interactive platforms that allow you to hang out with friends, buy, sell and build digital assets, and live a virtual life.


The Metaverse is growing its user base daily, bringing high demands for lighting fast connection speeds. As more strain builds, people will look for the best, fastest performing Wifi networks and devices. Starlink could be a good option for gaining exposure to this area of Metaverse investing. With its world-renowned GPU technology, NVIDIA could be another option for investors.


A somewhat obvious investment option would be exposure to advanced security technology. People are beginning to hold value in digital assets, online banking, and online exchanges. Security will be a huge consideration for people, and no doubt they’ll not be afraid to splash the cash to keep their assets safe and private.


Similar to connectivity, the power requirements to operate the Metaverse will be huge. Investing in fast and efficient power options would be a reasonable move. The data created from the Metaverse also has to be stored somewhere; cloud storage technology would be a suitable option to store this data.

Ten Companies Investing In The Metaverse

1) Meta


A Blockchain-based digital real estate protocol — delivering real estate to everyone.